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Friday, 4 May 2012

The Custom Campers conversion

Theroadtooverthere adventure came a bit closer this week when we picked up Leonard from Germany after he had been transformed by metallbaumeister Ralf Hilwerling of Custom Campers. On the basis that we are getting too old to be leaping about on roof tents we have sold the roof rack and tent and invested in a bit more security by having a pop roof put on the vehicle. There was a lot of heart searching and internet trawling looking for this solution and after hearing great things about Custom Campers in Germany from John Huntsman in Lincoln, we decided to go to Germany last summer to see for ourselves. It was a great trip (which took in Poland and the Czech Republic) and Mr Hilwerling was an excellent host speaking perfect English (and French, and Spanish, and Italian....etc). Sickening really for an Englishman what struggles wiv is own language! Having discussed options with Ralf and impressed with the quality and finish of the other projects we saw in his workshop we returned to England totally confident that this was the man to transform our vehicle and the only disappointment was that we had to wait 8 months to get our work done.

So, in March 2012 it was off with the old......

....and on with the new.....

Custom Campers have done a fantastic job and totally transformed the way we will travel. Select  'Converting Leonard' under Overland Preparation for detail photographs of the transformation.