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Monday, 12 May 2014

Greece 2014

I'm ashamed to say that we had too much fun in Greece to find time to update our blog. The photos can be viewed at Steve Horsted I still have a few to sort through so there will be more to view shortly.

So, Greece. To me there definitely seemed to be a 'hangover' atmosphere with the battering that they have had in their financial crisis. In fact almost everyone we came into contact with mentioned it at some point in our conversation. However, one thing that hasn't been affected by those snivelling greedy bankers and incompetent politicians is the welcome that travellers get everywhere in Greece. The warmth and generosity displayed is at times overwhelming. Part of our trip was to experience the celebration of Easter and for this we stayed in the village of Vlasio in the mountains south of Patra. After attending the local church to experience the Greek Orthodox celebrations on the Saturday evening, on Sunday morning we went for a walk around the village to enhance our appetite for the forthcoming feast (bbq) that was being cooked up at the hotel. Everywhere we walked people were celebrating with their own bbq's and without exception we were invited into their yards or houses to join in. Our Greek guide explained people would be offended if we refused so our initial plan to work up an appetite backfired somewhat. With generous portions being cut off the whole sheep that was turning on the spit and the compulsory glass of local vino that accompanied it we returned to the hotel some 3 hrs later...........ooh....just in time for some more bbq'd lamb and.....locally produced vino. It was clear the Greek spirit is alive and kicking and wherever we went (and we covered about 2,500 miles in Greece) we received the same warm welcome. Can't wait to return.