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Sunday, 23 June 2013



We decided to have an extra day at the campsite in Venice to recover from the previous four days exertions. Obviously getting too old. Last night we got back well after dark having spent several hours admiring the place under the spell of a full moon and very nice it was too. A heady mixture of full moon, atmosphere and a rather nice bottle of vino lead to my promising Mrs H we would return and stay at the Danieli Hotel as a posh treat but after looking it up on the internet, 800 euros per night (off season) I was rather relieved she had no recollection the next morning.

A final selection of pics from Venice. Tomorrow thunderstorms threaten and we are off to Croatia.

Hard work blogging!

We came across the following scene of a large crowd gathered and hung around a while to see what was happening. Thinking that perhaps Brad Pitt or some other diva was about to appear it turns out this is the closest Venice comes to a gang fight. Two groups of musicians arrive by gondola on either side of the canal then the singers gather on each bank and proceed to sing seven shades of song out of each other. Absolutely marvellous. When each side had had a good singing everyone makes off before the cops get there.