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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Albania - some final thoughts (Jerry Springer move over).

When we first told friends, relatives and neighbours that one of our destinations on this trip was Albania the reactions we received varied from "what for" to "god, are you taking a gun?" Well I have news for those who expressed an opinion. Albania is a fantastic destination, especially for overlanders. What Albanians lack in infrastructure (and they certainly have a big problem with roads) they more than make up for in their friendly and welcoming attitude to travellers. For 4x4 vehicles this is a must do paradise which will throw the toughest tracks at you. My only regret is that in the end I let my vertigo get the better of me, otherwise we would have done more challenging routes. But make no mistake, these roads have the potential to be dangerous. Would we do it again? Without hesitation, YES!. Although the campsites are far and few between there are opportunities for wild camping. All three campsites we stayed at had excellent and clean facilities and free wifi, and most importantly, access to alcohol. The two camps that we found in peoples back gardens at Berat Caravan Camping and Ksamil Caravan Camping were especially good.
For those who may consider camping in Albania I'll post the gps co-ordinates at a later date.
And with the final thoughts………some final photos.

Ferry crossing

Venetian Triangle Fort

At least the road out of Albania was better than the road in!!