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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Little men

Although our campsite at St Victoire is in the perfect location it had two negatives. 1. It only has one toilet! This is not the place to get a tummy upset when you need 'instant access' to the facilities at less than short notice! The second negative was about 5'1'' (in his wife's high heels) and he patrolled the site on his panzer cycle. This was the St Victoire Commandant. I think he could have been much taller but he appeared to be weighed down by the moustache under his nose. The Commandant belongs to that negative side of European history - the short dictator. Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin, Mussolini, Berlusconi. What's the reason for this admiration? Well I fell foul of 'sitting at the wrong table'. I was using the internet on my iPad and had been for some time when he walked past. Several metres later he stopped and hesitated, staring at me. He then came back speaking French and waving his arms in the air and pointing to a table several feet away. To cut a long story short, the table I was at was"private" and the table over there, was "for internet". Having made his point, he then walked off to a safe distance, struck a 'Mussolini' pose, hands on hips and bottom lip curled over the top lip, and awaited my compliance. My motionless response then provoked a little English. He rushed over asking if I understood and amusing as it was to wind this little man up I decided perhaps it was better to retire and left the little fella strutting his stuff in 'the private area'.

Moving swifly on the next day we made our way to Sunbilla in Spain where we are meeting some others to travel the Pyrenees. The campsite is a beautiful spot and we have a couple of days rest to recover before completing our journey. Only one small fly in the ointment. We have developed a small leak on our diesel pipes that will probably require dropping the tanks to fix so we will have to manage that over the next few days.

Theres a bar here run by Ma Jesus!