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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Meeting Boris on the way to Montenegro


We had met a really nice family from Slovenia at the Krka campsite and left rather later than planned as we shared a Jack Daniels with 'Robbie' the night before and left a little more blurry eyed than anticipated. The route to the border was relatively uneventful. We came across these ancient burial stones that were quite impressive. No explanation I'm afraid - couldn't read the signs.

Things did get a little more exciting at the Bosnian border however. We handed over our passports and vehicle document and after the border policeman studied them at great length he grunted (and you must say this quickly to get a flavour of the event) "green card, green card". Oh dear, Stephen hasn't done his homework. We don't have a 'green card green card'. Again he barked "greencardgreencard". You will notice it has now all rolled into one word and become a little bit more urgent. The demands for a "greencardgreencard"came thick and fast until I was able to get a word in and confess in the most pathetic voice I could muster "I don't have one". He fell silent, looked me straight in the eye and said "No greencardgreencard very bad. You go there" and pointed to a portakabin style building where several other policemen waited. Sloping off, tail between my legs, I headed in the direction indicated. Once inside the building the whole charade started again with demands for "greencardgreencard" this time with a younger officer who got even more excited and to "No greencardgreencard" he was able to add "This is big problem". After several minutes of uttering that it was a big problem I meekly asked "Can't I just buy a "greencardgreencard?" He stumbled for a minute and then said "yes" and pointed to another building. Ten minutes later I came back and in true Neville Chamberlain style was able to declare that the piece of paper that I held in my hand was indeed a "greencardgreencard". Showing it to the officer he then instructed me to "take it to Boris". Now, I don't remember being introduced to Boris, but I assumed this was the first policemen we bumped into. Thrusting our piece of paper under Boris' nose he mumbled "ok" and off we went. So, after all that, it cost us 15 euro for not doing our homework!


Speeding through Bosnia to get to the Montenegro border in time (hence only two photos) we wondered what was waiting for us at that border as we now know we need a "greencardgreencard" for there too but there was no need to worry. Arriving late in the afternoon we were met by an entirely different approach. "No green card sir? I know a man who will sell you green card". We were directed to the man and Stephen not doing his homework cost 25 euro this time. The pain was soon forgotten however within a few hundred metres when we saw the view. We had come to Montenegro to stay in the Durmitor National Park and still had some way to go but this was a taster of what was to come: